Thursday, January 10, 2008


10th January 2007, Mamat Khalid has released his newest pieces of idea which a movie called ‘Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang’. The genre of this movie is HORROR and COMEDY type of movies. Starring ‘Hero Malaya’ Rosyam Nor as Salleh, Umie Aida as Puteh, Farid Kamil as Jongkidin and special appearance of Kuswadinata make this movie perfect.This movie is about salleh who is a-got-fired reporter for his sensational straight and 100% truth in his writing got stranded in a mystery village after his car tire punctured by a stranged keris which is firmly hold by a dead human skeleton on side of the road. He almost make a comeback to the reporting world by exposing this dead human skeleton. He steel that strange keris at the crime scene.

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During his stay, he fall in love at a first sight with Cik Puteh, a sister to mechanic Jongkidin. They were mysterious siblings. During stay, a hotel owner is a so-damn funny character by always offering Salleh a massage service. When he got bored with him, salleh accepted that offer and chosen the one lovely girl that he met at the bar before. He asked for the sexy one however the not-sexy one comes and finally salled lost his virginity after he held that firm for 27 years,owh i hope I'm not as bad luck as him. There is also other thing that makes he want him to stay in this creepy little village which is the LOST of ONE MAN each time when full moon appear. He want to solve this mystery and make a comeback to reporting world is nicely fashion way. Rumor of vampires@Pontianak that cause this lost is spread and as a modern reporter that live in the modern world, he's not believe that and aim to solve that mystery.

However, his desire to stay is not easy because he always forced to leave this village by her admirer, Doreen and the other villagers. But again and again he always comeback. One night, he goes out an investigate about of the first one that missing during his arrival to this village and he met ‘Wak Sate’. He dig some information from him and also buy some sate from him. After a few step away Wak Sate leaving him and he was eating the sate, Wak Sate become the next victim of this Pontianak. Salleh was shocked with it and followed the mystery women to the bungalow and believe there is something for him from that bungalow.

During peeping above the tree, he found a the secret tunnel and also disturbed by the pontianak. He was shocked and fell from tree. After wake up, he found himself arrested by a communist. After the communist failed to charm him, he use his intelligent of word and finally escaped and tell police about it and the communist was defeated. Strangely, the communist leader said that he just kidnapped only a few village people, he also suffers the lost of his troop. The village people think the mystery was already solved but then again his friend still missing and one night. One were-tiger creature steal his strange keris. This strange keris is hot when close to the Puteh and Jongkidin. After wondering the lost of his keris, one people found him and asked for the keris, and told salled everything. That keris can be used to stop the pontianak and solve this mystery. That person cast by Kuswadinata told salleh the truth and they must stop the revival of the person who cursed this village.

During revival ceremony, they managed to interrupt and shockingly known the pontianak was Cik Puteh and were-tiger is her brother, Jongkidin. Jongkidin want to kill Salleh but Cik Puteh also love Salleh, like Salleh love her and the fight between this cursed sibling occur. Jongkidin was killed and Salleh try to hold Cik Puteh because he love her very much even with the ugly face of Cik Putih as a pontianak.However because of their true love, the cursed of Cik Puteh has gone and Salleh can have his love one, Cik Puteh.

Credit to: http://www.tedadnan.com/blog/?p=99

Line up of actors and actress during the costume period at the movie launch.For me, I rate this movie 4 and a half star out of 5. It is worth your money to see this movie. Trust me. The movie was made in black and white and it look like a classic movie and remind me of Late Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee movie. Go and hit the cinema near you today, it’s weekend already.