Sunday, February 17, 2008

IM Moving

Hey everyone... i've already move to my new house. my new site is dauz.org ..see you there.

Friday, February 1, 2008


PIC spource: www.movieweb.com

Meet the Spartans
is a spoof/parody movie produced and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. This are a persons who created the film EPIC MOVIE, SCARY MOVIE and DATE MOVIE.

Have you watched 300 movie? if you don't, it's better for you to watch it first before watching this movie. Meet the spartans is the parody of 300 movie. you will find it's more interesting.

This movie started with spartan elder inspecting shrekish baby and thrown it off the hill. The next baby is given to Brangelina because it was Vietnamese. Baby Leonidas is then inspected having a six-pack, biceps and beard from birth. He is accepted and prepared for his kinghood with a training during childhood fighting against his grandmother and sent to the wild killing a stucked giant penguin.

He is then returned to the sparta, sees Margot dancing and proposed her. she answered it by giving him the combination of her chastity belt.the movie is then fast forwards with Leonidas roughly training his own son with a wresting move. after that, captain arrived and he told that the Persian messenger arrived to present Xerxes's demand to Spartan. Leonidas greet the messenger with the spartan way,which is high five with women and disgusting open mouth tongue kisses for men. it's sooo damm gay. the messenger disrespect him and Leonidas kick him and the other person he dislike such as Britney spears and American idol's Sanjay Malakar into 'the pit of death'.

Before spartans going out for war,they must consult the oracle. he offered the priests various type of skin care product since the priests skin is ugly and the oracle,ugly betty, then predicted that he will face death if he goes to war. that night also, he decide to have sex with his wife (actually bench pressing his wife only). the next morning, he met with his troops which is just 13 (not 300) because of his nonsense requirements. i cant remember all but i remember one,which is, handsome. Leonidas headed out with all of his troop headed out holding hands. he is then converged with the humpback paris hilton, and he rejected her from joining his army.
Leonidas and his army then faces xerxes's messenger and immortals,beating them with dance competition before driving them off the cliffs. Xerxes then face Leonidas personally with Deal or No Deal fashion but the king denied and they were into a war ending with victory on his site.also dilio eyes was scratched out.

After winning seems on his side, Paris hilton revealed the goat path to Xerxes with having been promised of removing her ugly side. Despite knowing the secret path, xerxes's army still lost to Leonidas army and found tranformer cube and transform to xerxestron who plugged into a socket. when the line reached the limit, xerxestron fall into leonidas and the others killing them all. Dilio who has been told to returned to sparta tell Leonidas' final moment. he come back a years later leading the sparta army facing the persian, but he ended up on a wrong way until malibu crashing lindsay lohan who is just finished her rehab.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Picture Source: www.moviee.yahoo.com

VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED to watch Rambo 4 movie because it have lot of cruel scene and blood spillage. I rated this movie 5stars and it's a MUST SEE movie. Sylvester Stallone did a very good job in writing, producing and editing this superb movie

Rambo 4 movie started with troubled Vietnam war veteran, John James Rambo live in rural of Thailand nearer the border of Burmese border. At that time, Burmese was in a war. What did he do for living is captured snakes for local entertainer. one day, he's been approached by a group of peoples that want him to take them to the Burmese border since he know the river and a pathway very well. However, he refused despite been coaxed by the only women in the team,sarah. he stubbornly refuse and told them to go home. However, Rambo agreed to send them after sarah said that she only want to make a different there.

During ferrying them, sarah had a talk with Rambo and dig out some personal information of Rambo past life. He revealed that he maybe still has a father but not sure about it and have no intention to return back home. On their way, they got approached by Burmese pirate who got angry when they knew that they wanna past their place. when the pirate knew about sarah, they want sarah and Rambo had to used violence to stop them since they know people there very well. Michael, head of the group got angry with Rambo decision and scold Rambo. Rambo explaining that if he give sarah, they will rape her more than 50times and finally kill her and also all of them. Michael and the other want to leave but sarah managed to plead them to continues and Rambo just follow her order.

After they reach the desired place, Rambo service is no longer needed and headed back and while heading back, he burned the pirates with the boat also. this group, humanitarian/missionary reached the village and started their humanitarian project. not while after that, they got attacked with the Burmese army and one of them got killed while the other villager cruelly killed. they got kidnapped by this army.

After the scene Rambo had a dream, pastor from missionary church come and asked Rambo to lead their men to find the missing missionary that suppose to return home ten days ago. Rambo waste no time and prepared and lead the pastor man, the mercenary to the place where he left the group. During ferrying, one of them is very annoying by try to make himself like an aggressive and dignity man while the other,schoolboy make friend with him.

When they reached the jetty, head of the mercenary don't want Rambo to follow them since he is just a boat man and must stay at the boat. They don't know Rambo ability and debase him. However he goes by himself. When the mercenary group arrived at the village, they shocked to found that all of the villager cruelly killed and the village was burnt. then the army arrived and tortured the civilian, they don't have the gut to attacked the army since they don't want their presence noticed. However Rambo bravely kill them all with the bow and arrow only. Rambo ability to finished them all impressed the egoist heat of mercenary and found that he is somebody. then they go together to rescue the missionary.

On their way, they found WWII Tallbow Bomb. after reaching the army base, they synchronized the watched and set a plan. the mercenary done the operation smooth and quietly and they want to leaving without Rambo who did not managed to follow the plan since he got problem to rescue sarah. all of them want to leave except schoolboy decided to wait for Rambo. Rambo facing some problem during saving sarah and the guard spotted them when sarah was fallen but schoolboy help them. they run to the boat.

After that, they noticed the missing of sarah and the other and searched them with scent dog. Head of mercenary stepped on bomb and hurt badly but michael as a doctor help him a bit and the other carry him to the boat. while on the other side, schoolboy noticed they track them down using the scent dog and Rambo took a piece of sarah shirt and asked for schoolboy claymore bomb. he told them to run first while he try to loose the track army by attaching the claymore and piece of shirt to the tallboy bomb.he make a trap to them. Sarah and schoolboy follow the pathway told taught by Rambo and arrived at the side of the river near the jetty. they all of including mercenary and her team member got caught by the army and schoolboy told sarah that he can do nothing.

When the army want to execute them, Rambo arrived and killed machine gunner and interfere the execution process. the mercenary and missionary begin to join them with the war. the fierce war begin and killed some of them but they managed to win. Michael who at first don't want any killing happen find himself killing some of the army for his life. the commander of the Burmese told their lost army to retreat and on his way to retreat, Rambo killed him by stabbing/slashing his machete and nearly cut army torso in half. the Burmese army defeated and sarah reunited with michael. at the end of the story, Rambo influenced by sarah word earlier and return back to US

Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Starring : Michael Stahl-David, T.J Miller, Lizzy Caplan, Mike Vogel, Odettle Yustman, Jessica Lucas)

Directed by: Matt Reeves

Produced by: J.J Abraham, Sherryl Clark, Guy Riedel

Genres: Horror/action/adventure

I've watched cloverfield since it has been release in Malaysia but only today i managed to write about this movie. Cloverfield is a movie about monster that suddenly fall from the sky and attacking people.
This movie started with Rob Hawkins ( Michael Stahl-David) goes into a bedroom with Beth (Odette Yustman). The view is coming from a Handycam and they planned to go to Coney Island.

On may 22, Rob Brother,Jason (Mike Vogel) and his girlfriend Lily(Jessica Lucas) make a surprise party for Rob who is leaving for job in Japan. Lily handed the Handycam to Jason to take a testimony from Rob friend and also documented the last Rob day in US. However, Jason Handed it to Hud (T.J Miller). While doing the job, Hud try to tackle his crush, Marlena (Lizzy Caplan).

When Rob return, he's surprised with this party and became speechless. after the speechless speak from Rob, Beth arrive with her date that really pissed off Rob. Also he become more angry after knowing that Hud Recorded(overwrite it) tonight party using the tape that recorded the trip of Him and Beth to coney island. Rob had argument with Beth while that, Lily told Jason and Hud that Rob had a sex with Beth. to make things worst, Hud silently recorded the conversation and told everyone in the party that Rob had sex with Beth. Then Beth leaving the party.

Suddenly the building shake like an earthquake happen and electricity sometime failure. With the things happen strangely, the all decided to go to the rooftop and see what is happening. then something like meteor blast from the ground and hitting the building. that blast also almost hit them and they all come down to the ground. the explosion continue and Head of Statue Of Liberty crashes to the street in front of their building. During the panic, Hud managed to capture the video of the creature and since the explosion continues, they decided to leave. they used Brooklyn Bridge to leave Manhattan.

On the bridge, Rob receiving the call from Beth said she cannot move and after that his cell phone battery of went off. Soon after, Jason got hit by the monster tail and dies. The others forced to retreat to Manhattan Back since the bridge begin to collapse.

After returning back, citizen become crazy and stealing from the electronic shop and other shop. Rob also entered the shop because he want to get the new battery for his phone to listen voice mail and called Beth. At the shop, news show the monster and army attacked the monster being attacked by the dog-sized parasite coming from the monster. after knowing the truth, Rob still want to save Beth and his friend who actually don't agree with his decision follow him at last.They are Lily, Marlena and Hud. Rob decide to used subway to get to Beth and during in the tunnel, they got attacked with the parasite but managed to escape using the door. Marlena however badly injured at the back during saving Hud from that creature. through that door, they found US army field hospital. the army then dragged Marlena behind the scene and it seem like her torso exploded. The soldier want to evacuate the place since they are losing to the monster and Rob managed to convince the soldier to save Beth. The symphatic soldier them go and told them time and place of the last evacuation since they already decided to bomb the entire island.

They continue their quest to save Beth and found out that beth building is leaning to other building. Hud give the crazy idea of using the straight building to reach the Beth apartment and Rob follow it despite Hud didn't mean to do it like that. they climbed and save Beth and run back to the evacuation site. There, Lily was forced to take the last seat in other chopper while the other three get into another one. while leaving, they saw B-2 stealth Bomber drop the bomb to the monster and hit it several time. the creature survive and scramble hitting their chopper causing them to crash down. However, they survived and Hud managed to get a close up video of the monster. the monster saw Hud and eat him. His head fallen aside of the videocam. Rob retrieving the videocam and take Beth to shelter under a bridge.

Then they recorded themselves by telling other about them both of them proclaimed to love each other then air-raid siren sound and explosion and they bridge collapsed. the final scene return with them on holiday (Coney island maybe) and then finished.

For me, i rated this movie 4Stars. there is something special to watched about this movie which is the unique of the story. since this movie pictured made from Rob Handycam, its always give a panic and shake condition just like the amateur video, and i dont like it. it makes me dizzy actually.huhu

Monday, January 28, 2008

Google coming to MALAYSIA???

WOW! This one is hot like 'Goreng Pisang'.

Today, Isabelle Duerme from AHN reported that Internet Titan, GOOGLE is considering to built tech farm in Malaysia with a prospect to the largest server farm in the world. Google come out with this idea after a Google research team concluded that MALAYSIA is the largest number of Google user in the entire south east asia region. As a matter of fact, I use Google to. :). im proud to be part Google user.

There is evidence that this news is not a spoof, that on sunday, Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said "They Want to make their presence felt in Malaysia" AFP quoted Abdullah during world economic forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

Vietnam and India is also being considered by Google but pundit say that Malaysia emerge as a favorite since Malaysia have large storage area, said the Malaysia Sun. Its really means that Malaysia is on track to become a major global technology magnet.

Also, Doug Caverly predicted that if thing go through, this server farm project cost will be more than $1 billion and the area of the farm is no less than 250 acre.Rite now, we just wait and see where is the largest server farm will be built. As a Malaysian, I'm flattered by interest shown by this internet titan company to Malaysia and really hope that Google will built it here.