Monday, January 28, 2008

Google coming to MALAYSIA???

WOW! This one is hot like 'Goreng Pisang'.

Today, Isabelle Duerme from AHN reported that Internet Titan, GOOGLE is considering to built tech farm in Malaysia with a prospect to the largest server farm in the world. Google come out with this idea after a Google research team concluded that MALAYSIA is the largest number of Google user in the entire south east asia region. As a matter of fact, I use Google to. :). im proud to be part Google user.

There is evidence that this news is not a spoof, that on sunday, Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said "They Want to make their presence felt in Malaysia" AFP quoted Abdullah during world economic forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

Vietnam and India is also being considered by Google but pundit say that Malaysia emerge as a favorite since Malaysia have large storage area, said the Malaysia Sun. Its really means that Malaysia is on track to become a major global technology magnet.

Also, Doug Caverly predicted that if thing go through, this server farm project cost will be more than $1 billion and the area of the farm is no less than 250 acre.Rite now, we just wait and see where is the largest server farm will be built. As a Malaysian, I'm flattered by interest shown by this internet titan company to Malaysia and really hope that Google will built it here.

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