Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bukit Bendera..where is the flag?

On New Year eve, I’ve made a trip to Bukit Bendera just to kill some time before celebrating New Year. It's the second time I’ve been there and the first one is i don’t really remember it when...maybe when i was 6 i think. From my experience, its best if u can watched Penang at evening. The reason is that u can see and feel the coldness of the atmosphere and also seeing Penang bathed with light. It was a really scenery view and worth, believe me. I also put some picture of it, it is really nice to see.
Bukit Bendera is 830 metres above sea level and visitor can go there by hiking or funicular railway. The train begin at 6.30am and ends at 9.30pm. I took the funicular railway at 645pm sharp and the journey from base of the station to top of the hill took only 30 minutes. I have to take 2 trains to reach top of the hill and the changing of the train is approximately at the middle of the hill. Since I’m reaching top at 715 pm, I couldn't explore much Bukit Bendera because its going to dark already and I think it’s a waste for me not to explore 100% of Bukit Bendera. I go there and just wanna see whether this hill has 'Bendera' because it named as Bukit Bendera@Flag hill.maybe it almost dark already and I couldn't find the flag. I don't have the predator eyes to see in the dark and im sure there is a flag, this is malaysia, our flag is important, it's our identity,our pride.MALAYSIA BOLEH :). In english, this hill called Penang Hill but just a translation of Bukit Bendera is Flag hill. That why I wrote 'where is the flag'.
Needless to say, this hill offer lots of attractive places such as Tea Kiosk, Canopy Walk, Bel Retiro, Convalescent Bungalow,Fernhill Bungalow, Tiger Hill and Western Hill. I hope I can go there some other time. I just put some picture only because starting today i will write more post,just got into blogger world so..im still new and hope some expert guide me next time.


Admin said...

:) where is the flag of what dude? anyway, is this your 1st blog? great! but seriously u need "niche" of your blog. or just want to sharing everything at this blog?

since u drop me a comment, thanks a lot. lets together success as malaysian blogger :)

penkek said...

waahh, dauh dah ada blog. sudah maju skrg..huhu~

penkek said...

ooo, huhu.. bleh2..no hal je..

kini semua orang ada blog..huhu~

Nyetok said...

Selamat datang ke dunia blog wehh.. Koh guano gamok???