Monday, January 28, 2008

Ceruk Tok Kun Relic

Yesterday, I've visited one of attractive places in Penang which is Ceruk Tok Kun Relic. It’s located at Ceruk Tok Kun, a small town located at eastern of Bukit Mertajam, province of Penang.

Ceruk Tok Kun Relic is a Bukit Mertajam Rainforest. It’s a suitable place for picnic, camping, jungle tracking, jogging and mountain climbing. At the afternoon, there is also small market formed at base of the relic which is selling the fresh local fruits. If you wish to buy the fruits, make sure you buy the it after you’ve done your activity since there is a group of wild monkey and you’re for sure don’t want they snatch it from you.
This place got facilities such as chalet, hall, small mosque, toilet, office and also small tea café called Tea SPA. There is also shop that sells flower and plant. So if you want to plant the tree, u can also buy there.
This tea spa is a suitable place to enjoy the warmth of tea under the tree while breathing the nice fresh air. It’s also a suitable place to cool down after you have finished active activities such as jogging or mountain climbing.
I’ve been there at the evening, so I can see lot of people climbing and jogging to the top of the mountain. At top of the mountain, u can visit to telekom tower and also having a view of Penang and Bukit Mertajam.
During that time, there is lot of people coming to jog or mountain climbing but the reason for me is this, swim. At base of this relic, there is a place where u can picnic with your beloved family of your special one while bathing also. This activity can be done at Tok Kun Dam. The place for bathing is prepared for those who want to feel the cool and refreshing hill water. With the design of the facilities and the scenery view, you can also take a picture for your precious moment of a lifetime. You can go there with your family either for picnic or jogging, but the problem is there is no signboard to guide you to this place. I’ve found some difficulties to reach here but with the help of my girlfriend I managed to reach here since she has been here during her secondary school.

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