Friday, February 1, 2008


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Meet the Spartans
is a spoof/parody movie produced and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. This are a persons who created the film EPIC MOVIE, SCARY MOVIE and DATE MOVIE.

Have you watched 300 movie? if you don't, it's better for you to watch it first before watching this movie. Meet the spartans is the parody of 300 movie. you will find it's more interesting.

This movie started with spartan elder inspecting shrekish baby and thrown it off the hill. The next baby is given to Brangelina because it was Vietnamese. Baby Leonidas is then inspected having a six-pack, biceps and beard from birth. He is accepted and prepared for his kinghood with a training during childhood fighting against his grandmother and sent to the wild killing a stucked giant penguin.

He is then returned to the sparta, sees Margot dancing and proposed her. she answered it by giving him the combination of her chastity belt.the movie is then fast forwards with Leonidas roughly training his own son with a wresting move. after that, captain arrived and he told that the Persian messenger arrived to present Xerxes's demand to Spartan. Leonidas greet the messenger with the spartan way,which is high five with women and disgusting open mouth tongue kisses for men. it's sooo damm gay. the messenger disrespect him and Leonidas kick him and the other person he dislike such as Britney spears and American idol's Sanjay Malakar into 'the pit of death'.

Before spartans going out for war,they must consult the oracle. he offered the priests various type of skin care product since the priests skin is ugly and the oracle,ugly betty, then predicted that he will face death if he goes to war. that night also, he decide to have sex with his wife (actually bench pressing his wife only). the next morning, he met with his troops which is just 13 (not 300) because of his nonsense requirements. i cant remember all but i remember one,which is, handsome. Leonidas headed out with all of his troop headed out holding hands. he is then converged with the humpback paris hilton, and he rejected her from joining his army.
Leonidas and his army then faces xerxes's messenger and immortals,beating them with dance competition before driving them off the cliffs. Xerxes then face Leonidas personally with Deal or No Deal fashion but the king denied and they were into a war ending with victory on his site.also dilio eyes was scratched out.

After winning seems on his side, Paris hilton revealed the goat path to Xerxes with having been promised of removing her ugly side. Despite knowing the secret path, xerxes's army still lost to Leonidas army and found tranformer cube and transform to xerxestron who plugged into a socket. when the line reached the limit, xerxestron fall into leonidas and the others killing them all. Dilio who has been told to returned to sparta tell Leonidas' final moment. he come back a years later leading the sparta army facing the persian, but he ended up on a wrong way until malibu crashing lindsay lohan who is just finished her rehab.


top0 said...

cam bes je cite ni.....

kimie said...

haha..tengok dah citer ni..sume dia kutuk kaw2 nyer..paling bes kutuk britney..err..jom tengok wayang..hehe

FaNaQiLa said...

minat betul dgn movie ek.
hahaha...da kene tag, jd kene ikut syarat.

Princess Liyana said...

:) Salam singgah. Salam kenal.